Greetings from PARIHAR!

PARIHAR is celebrating 30 years of bringing families together, and we are pleased to share that 2022 has been a successful year for our organization. We received a total of 1,455 cases in the past year, of which 568 cases were resolved, 722 cases were referred to concerned channels and the remaining 165 cases are currently receiving counseling. Most of the cases we handled were related to domestic violence and maladjustment with spouses and in-laws.
Despite a significant increase in cases in 2022 when compared to 2021, PARIHAR handled each case with utmost diligence and care. The able army of dedicated counselors that Team PARIHAR is made of could make this happen.
A snippet of activities conducted by PARIHAR in 2022 – 14 awareness programs, 2 workshops and 2 events in schools, colleges, workplaces and communities. Additionally, PARIHAR has begun conducting counselling at schools and has adopted a few government schools in and around Bengaluru
It is heartening to share the progress made by PARIHAR in empowering women and helping individuals and families in distress. The organization’s efforts to conduct awareness programs, workshops, and events in various settings, as well as its focus on counselling and skill development, are commendable. It is also encouraging to see that more women are seeking empowerment and receiving the support they need to become financially independent.
PARIHAR’s partnerships with various organizations and government agencies have been instrumental in supporting its work, and the dedication of its staff and counsellors in handling cases with care and diligence is admirable. It is important to continue the momentum and work towards creating a society where everyone can live with dignity and respect.
PARIHAR extends its gratitude to Sri. C H Pratap Reddy, IPS Commissioner of Police and all other Senior Officers for their continuous support and encouragement in all our endeavors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Central Social Welfare Board- New Delhi, the Karnataka State Social Welfare Board and our donors – Biocon Foundation, Gramothan Foundation, Ashraya Hastha Trust and Sansera Foundation for their constant support.

Mrs. Rani Shetty
Parihar – Incharge

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