Vanitha Sahayavani is the first community collaboration initiative by the Bengaluru City Police for protection of women.

Established in 1999 by the Bengaluru City Police to provide immediate rescue and support to women in distress, Vanitha Sahayavani provides free tele-counselling, police assistance, crisis intervention, and rescue in cases of domestic violence, harassment, and/or abuse. It operates from the office of the Commissioner of Police and is accessible 24/7 through the toll free number Namma 100.

Vanitha Sahayvahni also conducts awareness programmes on women safety and other women related issues at colleges, public & private sector organisations, as well as corporates and communities.



Social media/cyber crime

Pre-marital problems

Dowry harassment

Psychological/emotional problems

Suicidal tendencies

Harassment by husband under the influence of alcohol.

Harassment by in-laws.

Dowry harassment.

Illicit relationship, desertion, and separation.

Pre-marital issues like love marriage, cheating etc.

The staff of the Vanitha Sahayavani work in co-ordination with volunteers of different NGOs and local police. A vehicle has been provided to Vanitha Sahayavani by the Bengaluru City Police to rescue women in distress.

Women police personnel of right aptitude and emotional quotient.

Network with NGO’s who work for women. The need for intervention and support from NGOs arises when a woman is rescued and needs shelter or short-stay facility and/or when a rescued women needs rehabilitation.

Trained volunteers.



Vanitha Sahayavani operates from the office of the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru and has counsellors available on call 24/7.

Police Support

Police intervention and protection is provided to womxn above the age of 18 who are in any kind of distress.


Vanitha Sahayavani has a dedicated vehicle which is available on call 24 hours a day. Following a call requesting a rescue, the police will reach the location with a team comprising of a female counsellor, a female constable, and other women police personnel who will take necessary action as per the situation.

Medical Assistance

Free Medical check-up provided for women clients.

Short Stay

Vanitha Sahayavani has tied up with other NGOs that provide short-stay facilities for women in distress who may not have a place to stay after being rescued.

Legal Service

A government appointed lawyer consults once a week (every Wednesday) at the premises of Vanitha Sahayavani to offer free legal advice and assistance.


Vanitha Sahayavani offers vocational training for women who might need help in rebuilding their lives.

Awareness Program

Vanitha Sahayavani conducts awareness programmes regularly on the topic of women rights, safety, abuse and protection among various segments and categories of people.

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