Shri Bhaskar Rao_IPS_Commissioner of police_Bangalore_City & President of PARIHAR

Shri Bhaskar Rao.IPS

Commissioner of Police Bengaluru City
President of Parihar


Greetings from Commissioner of Police!

“PARIHAR” is a Charitable Institution Registered under the Societies Act 1960, under the initiative of Bangalore City Police, situated at the office of the Commissioner of Police and is meticulously working on issues related to women, children and families for the past 25 years.

“PARIHAR” with its team of Professional Counsellors, trained Volunteers and Police staff plays a vital role by lending a listening ear and imparting good counselling to Women, Children and their families in dealing with disputes like marital discord, relationship conflicts and other domestic issues. Furthermore, when PARIHAR finds the necessity for police intervention, it redirects the case and people involved to the right channel of Law and Order. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Parihar – Vanitha Sahayavani has started five Santwana Centres at various locations to serve the people of Bengaluru.

The Organization is providing valuable service to the Community and I am sure that it will continue to perform dedicated social service in coming years.

I would like to see PARIHAR grow further with centers across the city and become a strong pillar of grievance redressal to women and children.

I appeal firms, companies and other organisations to keep Parihar in their mind for their respective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund raising activities. I also encourage the well-meaning people of Bengaluru to utilize as well as donate to those services in their community programs.

I extend my warm wishes to Parihar.   

Bengaluru City Police (BCP) has completed 52 glorious years in the service of Namma City and its people.  This being a people-centric job, Bengaluru City Police (BCP) initiated Parihar about 17 years ago as there was a strong need for a foundation or organization that will work under the guidance of Law & Order towards being accessible to needy citizens who might have a temporary or passing issue that may not need Police intervention.

Parihar with its team of professionally qualified counsellors plays a vital role by lending a listening ear and imparting good counselling to women, child, and their families in dealing with issues of all sorts.  Parihar helps resolve family disputes / marital discord  / relationship conflicts / and other domestic issues.  Furthermore, when Parihar finds the necessity for Police intervention it redirects the case and people involved to the right channel of Law & Order.

Governing Body Members


Shri. Kuldeep Kumar Jain,  IPS
Dy.Commissioner of Police (Crime)
& Treasurer of Parihar

Shri_Sandeep_Patil_IPS_Jt.Commisioner of police_Vice_Prisedent & Nodal Officer of Parihar

Shri Sandeep Patil, IPS
Jt.Commisioner of police, Vice_Prisedent
& Nodal Officer of Parihar


Smt. Nisha James, IPS
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Admin)
& Secretary of Parihar


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