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Welcome To Makkala Sahayavani

Established on December 30, 1997, Makkala Sahayavani is the first community initiative in India for the protection of children and their rights, envisaged by the Bengaluru City Police. It merged with PARIHAR on December 30, 2007 for smooth administration and offers counselling for children with various problems.


About Makkala Sahayavani:

1449245624_80Established on December 30, 1997.

1449245624_80Merged with PARIHAR on December 30, 2007 for smooth administration.

1449245624_80Counseling for children with various problems.

1449245624_80Committed to the protection of children and their rights.

1449245624_80Community collective of institutions, individuals and the Bengaluru City Police.

1449245624_80To aid children living and working on the streets, victims of substance abuse, child labour, children living in slums and/or on pavements.

1449245624_80Supporting and helping children affected by physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse on the streets, at their homes, in their schools, colleges, or even in shelter homes..

1449245624_80To provide a platform for networking amongst organizations.

1449245624_80To provide a link and a support system which facilitates the rehabilitation of children in difficult circumstances.

1449245624_80To rescue children from bonded labour either as domestic help or at other sectors.

1449245624_80To support children under stress due to examination fear, family conflicts, peer pressure etc.

1449245624_80To help children abandoned by parents, guardians, relatives, missing and/or lost children.

1449245624_80To have a professional collaboration with other NGOs due to geographical reasons.

1449245624_80Missing/lost children.

1449245624_80Physically disabled and/or mentally challenged children.

1449245624_80Physical harassment and/or violence within families.


1449245624_80Children with suicidal tendencies.

1449245624_80Child labour.

1449245624_80Sexual abuse/sexual assault.

1449245624_80Parents seeking advice and/or information for their children with problems.

1449245624_80Educational sponsorship and/or medical expense.

1449245624_80Hostel/short stay facility.

1449245624_80Parents who want custody of children (only if the couple agree amicably)

1449245624_80Children seeking counselling with regard to conflict with alcoholic parents, discontinued schooling, difficulties in studies, love affair and/or involved in anti-social activities, delinquent, drug abuse, conflict with the public etc.

1449245624_80Problems with institutions, management, school authorities teachers, and/or friends.

1449245624_80Ill-treatment by family.

1449245624_80Training and sensitization programs for police in Bengaluru City and in the districts of Karnataka on issues related to women and children’s rights and the proactive role of policing.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani carries out awareness and outreach programs at schools, slums and other communities.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani has a child rights week every year in the month of November.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani counsels children and their parents when they lack mutual understanding particularly when issues or crises arise.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani helps to get medical support for children suffering from chronic illnesses through philanthropists and other networking agencies.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani works as a common platform for the MSW students from different universities to create awareness on child rights and child protection.

1449245624_80Makkala Sahayavani networks with the Women and Child Department, Child Welfare Committee, Childline, & Other NGOs working with and for children.




Operates from the office of the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru and has professional counsellors and trained volunteers on call 24/7.


Police Support

Makkala Sahayavani rescues & provides police protection to any child who might be in a distressing situation.



Makkala Sahayavani has a dedicated vehicle which is available on-call 24/7. Following a call request for a rescue operation, this van will reach the location with a team comprising of a counsellor, a plain-clothes constable (female-constable if it’s a rescue of a girl child), Labour Department Officers, and SJPU Police Officers. Collectively the team will do the needful for a successful rescue operation.


Medical Assistance

Makkala Sahayavani is networking with Government and Private Hospitals that assist in providing medical aid for the victims when necessary.


Children Home

Makkala Sahayavani provides shelter facility at government children homes through CWC (Child Welfare Committee) when a child is in need of shelter, care and protection.


Legal Service

Makkala Sahayavani works along with other child welfare organizations and associations to ensure justice for children who might have conflict with the legal system.



Makkala Sahayavani provides and guides children who need help with their schooling, vocational training, and skill development.


Awareness Program

Makkala Sahayavani conducts awareness programmes at schools (for all standards) and colleges (II PUC) on topics like Child Rights, Child Safety, and Child Protection. Makkala Sahayavani also does school counselling for the convenience of the children, as some of them may not be able to call Makkala Sahayavani TollFree number or bring themselves to the office.

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