Welcome To Family Counselling Centre (FCC)

Family Counselling Centre was started & funded by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi since 1993 and supervised by Karnataka State Social Welfare Board, Bengaluru.

The Central Social Welfare Board realized that most of the atrocities on women are originated from dysfunctional families due to the influence of globalization,the seduction of consumerism, socio-economical inequality, poverty, and etcetera.The main objective of the centre
is to help solve such atrocities against not just women but the men folk and their families too.

In order to prevent this, the Government decided to take help from the Central Social Welfare Board in setting up counselling centres at The Police Commissioner’s Office in different states. Thus, the inception of the first Family Counselling Centre was started in Karnataka at The Office of The Commissioners of Police, Bengaluru under the wings of Parihar.


Counselling Session

Types of cases handled by FCC

Family Counciling CenterPre-Marital Issues

Family Counciling CenterLive-In Relationship

Family Counciling CenterDomestic Violence

Family Counciling CenterDowry Harassment

Family Counciling CenterMarital Discord

Family Counciling CenterSexual Harassment / Sexual Assault

Family Counciling CenterIllicit Relationship / Adultery

Family Counciling CenterSubstance Abuse & Psychiatric Issues

Family Counciling CenterCheating


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