About Parihar

PARIHAR caters to women and children who need immediate rescue, police support, counselling, short stay facilities, medical, psychiatric, and legal aid. Apart from this PARIHAR conducts awareness programmes, medical camps, trainings, seminars, workshops, women empowerment and research programmes in various segments.

Since its inception, PARIHAR has worked towards assisting and rescuing vulnerable individuals (mostly women and children) and their families with the aim of giving everyone equal rights, opportunities, and access to help in order to relieve them from their distressing situations. PARIHAR has its doors open to every citizen of Bengaluru City and there is a panel of four, consisting of a government appointed legal advisor, doctor, psychologist, & sexologist who extend free help to people with emotional, physical, psychological, and/or sexual problems. PARIHAR extends its responsibility of rehabilitation to all those women and children who are unable to care for themselves for whatever reason because we believe that it is a matter of right than of need for survival. We have extended our services to five centres to provide support to women and children in distress and in need of help.

For more than two decades PARIHAR has been working relentlessly in implementing, improving, and scaling effective awareness programs across various sectors and communities in Bengaluru City and will continue to do so.


Mrs. Rani Shetty
Parihar – Incharge

PARIHAR has four projects

Family Counselling Centre


Vanitha Sahayavani – (Women Helpline)
Toll Free # Namma 100 support available 24×7


Makkala Sahayavani – (Child Helpline)
Toll Free # Namma 100 support available 24×7


Parihar- Vanitha Sahayavani
Santwanta Centers
(5 divisions)