Mrs. Lilly presented at our PARIHAR FCC to lodge complaint against her husband, Mr Simon.
(Names changed to protect identity)

Individual therapy, discussion with both spouses, and group counselling.


  • Lilly presented to our PARIHAR FCC and lodged a complaint against her husband; to whom she has been married for over 10 years. She has two children, her elder offspring is a boy (Master Mario) aged 10 years and the second offspring is a girl (Baby Maria) aged 2 years.
  • Master Mario, the elder offspring was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia while he was an infant and ever since has been in and out of hospitals, and the doctors now have suggested that if they find a bone marrow donor, there might be hope for a cure for Master Mario. Both parents were tested and were not a match, thus they were suggested to have another offspring who might / maybe a match for Master Mario. In due course, she has 3 abortions in trying to conceive, and about two years ago they had another child who is now medically cleared as a match and can be a bone marrow donor for Master Mario’s bone marrow transplant.
  • While all these things were taking its course, the relationship between husband and wife was starting to get very strained. There were frequent fights due to money issues. Her husband is an auto driver.
  • Things took a different turn post Diwali. As usual their fight for money got to a point where her husband in a fit of anger became very violent and physically abused her.
  • She fled from her husband’s anger and rage and presented at PARIHAR FCC in total and in a state of hysteria. We sheltered her at one of our NGO partners for 2 days until she composed herself.
  • Then Mr. Simon was called in for counselling and we heard his side of the story as well, and it was very clear that it was a moment of distress that he behaved like that. He confused that he loves his wife and kids and is very depressed that he is unable to fend for his child’s treatment.
  • After tedious counselling, we reconciled the couple.


  • The couple were advised monthly followup and told they can come as and when needed if very stressed.
  • The family was referred to one of the news channels on the television who will appeal for monetary help for the treatment of Master Savio.