Mrs. Sita, the mother of Sangeetha approached our MSV counsellor stating that her child of 9 years has behavioural issues.
(Names changed to protect identity)

We had an extensive and detailed talk with the child, discussion with both parents & counselling for the entire family.


  • Sita suspected that Sangeetha might have been sexually abused at the her paternal house; and when we asked the Mrs. Sita why she thinks this way, she stated that she has seen Sangeetha at different occasions touching herself inappropriately by herself while at play, watching TV, or daydreaming.
  • Ram (the father) was called in for discussion and counselling too, and he denied that any such thing could have happened from his side of the family. He then stated that he too had seen his child doing the same to herself, but never really knew what to do about it and blamed that she might have learnt it at Sangeetha’s maternal house.
  • After talking with both the parents, it came to our understanding that the parents have been having some issues with their marriage and having been living away from each other for some time to rethink about their relationship/marriage.
  • Thus Sangeetha lives at her maternal house during the week and during weekend visits her paternal house, so they are very unsure from where this whole behaviour issues is cropping from.
  • In the meanwhile, Sangeetha was spoken to by our MSV counsellors and interacted with, and after winning her confidence, the topic of her behaviour was brought up. Initially, she was confused and a couple of times said different things. Then finally, when she felt safe that she will not be punished for her behaviour, she opened up to our counsellors and told that her neighbourhood kids play “Radha Krishna” and she was taught about this by one of the older children about doing this to herself.
  • Sangeetha was then counselled and told that this is inappropriate, and there was a talk on moral conduct for her age and she understood.
  • Both the parents were counselled and made aware of all that the child told the counsellors.
  • The parents were very relieved and happy to know that she was not sexually abused.


  • Sangeetha and her parents have been called in for a followup once every month.
  • The parents were advised to keep a keen eye on Sangeetha without scaring her confidence and report their observations.
  • Sangeetha will be reinforced with all the moral conduct lessons on every follow up.