This girl child (Ms. Nithya) below the age of 18 years was being forced into marriage.
(Names changed to protect identity)

Ms. Nithya was rescued from this marriage and the whole family was counselled regarding the law of marriage in our country.


  • Our child helpline received a called from a well-wisher stating that there was a child being forced into marriage and was under the age of 18.
  • The caller did not identify himself, and this is alright with us as long as the caller gives us authentic information and it is not a prank call.
  • All the details furbished by the caller was informed to the local police station where the wedding was going to take place, and along with their support the then 17-year-old to be bride was rescued from the wedding reception and brought to Makkala Sahayavani for further intervention.
  • Once the child was brought to MSV centre, she was further questioned and counselled. She very clearly mentioned that she did not to marry and was in no other love relation/affair.
  • Nithya even mentioned that she would marry the same person (Mr. Dilip) after she was 18 years old or after her education.
  • Immediately both set of parents were called to our MSV office and questioned and counselled of all the legalities involved. They understood all the repercussions from child marriage, and agreed they will do as per the girl’s request.



  • Both the families agreed to allow the Ms. Nithya continue her education and will proceed with marriage plans later on.
  • She is now peacefully doing a course on Fashion Designing.
  • Ms. Nithya & her family and Mr. Dilip & his family are advised ongoing follow up.