This female client, Mrs. Renu, presented at our PARIHAR FCC to complain against her husband, in-laws, and extended family members.
(Names changed to protect identity)

Individual Therapy, Group Discussion, & Counselling.


  • Renu lodged a complaint with us against her husband, Mr. Murthy, to whom she has been married for around three years. He hails from a surrounding village in Bangalore and she is a city bred girl. She complained that her in-laws have taken away all her jewellery which her parents gifted to her during their wedding. She also complained that she has not been accepted by her husband’s family as a family member and she feels aloof with regards to the same. And she stressed on the point that her husband has been abusing her mentally and physically, and she is unable to put up with this.
  • We called for the husband and heard his side of the case. He states that she has issues with adjustment and co-existing with the other 28 members of the joint family, and that she picks up fights with everyone with small and simple issues. And the most upsetting issue that he has faced with his wife has been that he hid the fact that she was pregnant and within 3 months had an abortion without telling him or any member of the family, but told everyone
  • During group discussion with the client’s parents, they had a different story to say that their daughter is not of good character and has had multiple relationship with both married and unmarried men at different times, and thus they want to disown her and also this is the reason why they don’t want to send their granddaughter to live with her.
  • After both individual sessions and group sessions, we asked the child if she wanted to live with her mother or grandparents, and the child chose to live with her grandparents.


  • Everyone were counselled and given a future date for a follow-up session