Mrs. Priyanka, a helpless mother, approached our MSV centre seeking help for her 5-year-old daughter (Baby Payal), who has been sexually abuse by her husband (the child – Payal’s father)

(Names changed to protect identity)

Baby Payal was called in for discussion and counselling and so was the husband (Mr. Rakesh) who is also the father of the child called in for counselling and to advise him for treatment.


  • Priyanka is a localite and her husband/father hails from Bihar. It was a love marriage for them, and have been married for 10 years now.
  • Priyanka stated that her marriage was never really blissful and her husband never really cared for her or the children.
  • She stated that she had been facing mental and physical abuse at the hands of her husband for a long time now, but she knew that when she witnessed this above mentioned incident that she had to act upon this behaviour of his.
  • Priyanka stated that she has witnessed the husband/father at nighttime masturbating looking at his child’s genitals (while the child is asleep).
  • In another occasion, Mrs. Priyanka stated that she witnessed the husband/father asking the child to look at his private parts.
  • The husband/father was called in for questioning / discussion / counselling by our MSV counsellors.
  • The husband/father refused that he behaved in any inappropriate manner with his child and stated that these statements were allegations against him.
  • Baby Payal also was called in and questioned, and she stated what the mother was absolutely correct.
  • Once the child said this, the man did not retaliate nor did he agree. And when suggested by our counsellors that he needed help with his behaviour, he agreed upon.
  • A written statement was taken from the husband/father after this, and he agreed that he would not do this any further to his child or any other child.
  • The husband/father was made aware of all the laws and punishments involved if he continued this behaviour. He seemed to have understood, and also gave it in writing that he understood all of the above.


  • Mr. Rakesh (The husband/father) was counselled extensively and suggested that he visit our centre’s sexologist for further treatment.
  • The child also was counselled.
  • The mother was advised and recommended to have a close watch on her husband/father and they were told to regularly followup with our counsellors.