This mother, Mrs. Tanuja, approached our MSV office seeking help with child custody.
(Names changed to protect identity)

Child counselling followed by entire family counselling.


  • Tanuja came seeking help with child custody. She was married off to her brother-in-law (elder sister’s husband) after her sister died during childbirth survived by an infant boy. After a few years, she had a child of her own, making her a mother of two children now. But an unfortunate stroke of ill-fate struck again, this time again in the form of death of her husband (who previously was her brother-in-law as well). After his death, she was left with two children, one her own and the other child from her elder sister and late husband.
  • Things just did not end with this, after this came a rude shock of her being forcefully sent away from her husband’s house to fend for herself and added to this the elder son (her sisters’ biological child) was taken away from her.
  • She approached the court for justice, but did not win custody of the elder child.
  • After the court battle, she approached MSV for help.
  • Her husband’s family was called in for discussion and counselling, and it was learnt during the open discussions with the child that he was being ill-treated at his paternal grandparents house/uncle’s house and wanted to go back to his mother, Mrs. Tanuja (who is also his aunt).
  • The entire family was called in for counselling, there were many sessions and in due course and child seemed more happier with his mother (Mrs. Tanuja), and it decided and agreed that he will go back to his mother (Mrs. Tanuja).


  • Her husband’s family agreed for this, with visitation privileges.
  • Followup was recommended for smooth transmission.